Tips for settling into a new senior living community

Moving into a senior living community can offer many new opportunities for socialization and involvement in activities that may not have been present at your previous living arrangement—never mind convenient services like delicious dining, housekeeping and care support. If you're interested in having easier access to recreational activities like card tournaments, exercise programs or painting classes, or if you'd like to regularly socialize with people closer to your age, a retirement residence may be your best option. Once you've made the decision to move into a retirement home, have no fear; settling into a senior community can be a fun and stress-free experience.

Here are some tips for getting comfortable in a retirement residence.

Mingle with your peers and staff

Comfort Life explains that one of the many positives of living in a retirement home is the chance to establish new friendships*. Fellow residents and staff are the people you will be associating with on a daily basis, so developing friendly relationships with them will ultimately help you feel more at home. Also, the better you get to know the staff, the better they'll be able to support you and anticipate your needs. Make a point of reaching out to both residents and staff upon moving in to introduce yourself, and don't be afraid to ask the home's General Manager or resident ambassador to introduce you to other seniors they think you may get along with. You'll find soon enough, everyone will know you by name!

Get involved

The Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook suggests getting involved in the residence once you have settled into your new housing arrangement*. Many senior living communities offer both physical and social activities to satisfy a variety of hobbies. Consider joining a book club or participating in a fitness class at your retirement residence—you may strike up new friendships and find an activity you really enjoy!

Be patient

Settling into a new home can take time, so be patient and stay positive. By keeping a positive attitude, the opportunity to get comfortable in your new place will happen in no time!

At Chartwell Retirement Residences, their priority is helping to make residents feel at home. Both staff and resident ambassadors help to orient new arrivals by arranging a tea and chat or introducing them to other seniors and team members in the residence. They also make it a point to regularly invite new arrivals to activities to help them meet new people and feel like a part of the home.

To find the Chartwell residence nearest you, visit our website and use the"Find a Residence" feature, or call 1-855-461-0685 to speak to one of our trained customer service agents who can answer your questions and book a personal tour of one of the many Chartwell residences across Canada.

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