Customer Service Spotlight: Leigh Costello, Sales Consultant


“There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing a senior or their family member breathe a sigh of relief when I assure them I can help.”

As a Sales Consultant, my job is to educate seniors and their families on their retirement living options, as well as help guide them through the move-in process. A typical day in my role entails meeting with individuals who are interested in moving in or are inquiring on behalf of a loved one. I have to truly understand a person’s situation in order to help them arrive at a living solution that meets their needs and preferences. When I’m not taking calls or showing seniors around our beautiful home, I’m out in the neighbourhood working with discharge planners at the hospital or giving presentations to local partners. It’s valuable for me to build relationships both inside my retirement residence and in the surrounding community so more people can become aware of the many benefits of living in a seniors’ home like ours.

One of the biggest challenges I face on a daily basis is trying to dispel people’s misconceptions about what retirement living is all about. I try to manage common myths by inviting people into our home so they can experience first-hand what it looks and feels like to live with us, and what an independent, warm and caring atmosphere we have here. I also give regular presentations to community partners and adult children to educate them on everything from the care and services we offer, to issues facing our seniors’ population, to caregiver health and support.

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to alleviate as much stress as I can for the seniors and families I’m helping. For me, “Making People’s Lives Better” means reassuring them that we can help them lead comfortable and worry-free retirement lifestyles so they can realize the peace of mind they deserve. Sometimes I can literally hear a family member breathe a sigh of relief over the phone when I tell them that we can support their mom or dad’s unique needs and coordinate with discharge planners or any other involved parties for a smooth and speedy move-in.

Working with seniors, it’s important to be an empathetic listener. Aside from the fact that being a good listener is vital to both my success and the success of the individual moving into my residence, I really enjoy talking to my residents and hearing their stories. They have lived amazing lives, and we can all learn a thing or two from their examples.