The Story of a Hockey Legend

Born and bred in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canadian hockey legend Gilles Dubé now calls Chartwell Villa de l’Estrie home. The retired hockey player’s remarkable NHL career spanned over a decade, with Gilles playing in the 1940s and 1950s with two of the league’s original six teams, the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings. Today, when Gilles reminisces about his time as a professional hockey player, he fondly remembers the friendships he built and the overall sense of camaraderie which filled the players’ locker room before and after each game.

A highlight of his professional hockey career was Gilles’ proud win of the Stanley Cup while playing for Detroit in 1954. Winning the Cup still a vivid memory in his mind, he was recently able to experience the feeling of holding the Stanley Cup for a second time in his life when Jimmy Waite, retired goaltender, visited the City of Sherbrooke for a special event last summer.

ringWith family in tow, including his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Gilles was honoured to be able to celebrate his career in the NHL and see the Stanley Cup again. Coincidentally, since Gilles was aware the NHL would be removing the Stanley Cup rings from 1953-1954 and 1955-1956 in 2017, it was all the more important for him to see the trophy one last time with his name on it, as well as show it to his family. Gilles and his family were happy to see that the ultimate hockey trophy still bore his name amongst the hockey champions going down in history.

Today, the 88-year-old reminisces about his amazing career. Other highlights include having played 12 matches with Maurice “Rocket” Richard and the Montreal Canadiens in 1949-1950. In the end, Gilles retired from hockey in 1957 after having played his last three seasons with the Shawinigan Cataracts of the Quebec Hockey League. He went on to work in hospitality as owner and operator of the Auberge Royale hotel in Sherbrooke, which eventually became a family-run business.

What Gilles especially appreciates about living at Chartwell Villa de l’Estrie is the ability to maintain his active lifestyle in a dynamic and friendly environment, as well as the convenience of having many nearby services available within walking distance. Today, when Gilles isn’t meeting up with his friends for coffee at the local mall, he can be found on the golf course, enjoying one of his other lifelong passions!