‘Grandad’s Gallery’ contests ageism

At 78 years old, Liam Gallagher is an emerging artist. Senior Planet reported on his recently acquired passion and how he's using it to tackle an issue that's very dear to him: ageism. With the help of his grandson, Scottee, he's breaking into Britain's art scene and teaching everyone a thing or two about loving and respecting seniors.

"Scottee and his grandfather found a creative way of contesting ageism."

Identifying an issue
The source explained that the idea to represent ageism in art came about when Scottee was out in public with Gallagher. He noticed that people wouldn't acknowledge Gallagher on the street, and his doctors would either speak unnecessarily loud or direct questions and instructions to Scottee instead of his grandfather. These expressions of ageism stuck with Scottee, and he felt inspired to work with his grandfather on a creative way of contesting it.

"My grandad, I spend a lot of time with him – I'm one of his caregivers," Scottee said in a video posted on Senior Planet. "I notice a lot of ageism, and I thought, 'What if i could make a really unlikely person an internationally-renowned artist, and then what if I could tackle ageism at the same time?'"

Challenging ageism
An artist and activist himself, Scottee served as Gallagher's mentor for the initiative and turned his thoughts on life and aging into illustrations. He took the line "No Need to Shout" and turned it into a t-shirt which helped generate money for the project. From there, the duo decided to gather even more works of art together for "Grandad's Gallery," an exhibition of Gallagher's artwork.

The unique, hard-hitting event attracted the attention of many people in their native Britain, in addition to celebrities like comedian Stephen Fry. Other illustrations include Gallagher's stances on racism, immigration and other hot button issues. Next on the pair's agenda is to start a senior art group that will hopefully encourage other seniors to creatively express themselves and bring even more awareness to ageism.