Flash mobs bring seniors fame

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop and suddenly hearing music blaring. When you look up, you see a group of seniors dancing to a perfectly choreographed piece. One dance group in Irvine, CA., has taken the area by storm and frequently shows up in a variety of public places to show off their skills on the dance floor, reported The Orange County Register.

"The group quickly grew into a phenomenon."

Grooving to the music
According to the source, Seniors Over Sixty Dance Crew is run by 64-year-old Susie Vanderlip. She manages everything from music selection to choreography, and teaches seniors in the group how to groove to some of the most popular music of today. While the group started as a unique way to bring older adults together and stay active, it quickly grew into a phenomenon that nobody could have guessed. After one particular spontaneous performance at a local Starbucks, the group became famous. They ended up being featured in sites affiliated with Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Seventeen Magazine, as well as an article devoted to the craziest things to ever happen in the popular coffee shop. 

"I've had the idea of organizing a flash mob at a grocery for over 30 years because of the sound the floors make there," Vanderlip told the news source. "All of what we do, such as flash mobs, is for love. It's for the love of expressing life, joy and energy."

Seniors dance to some of the most popular music.
Seniors dance to some of the most popular music.

The appeal of the mob
It's one thing to dance in the comfort of your own home and a total other thing to throw a flash mob in a public place. It increases the stakes and makes it even more important for the dancers to show up to every practice and make the most of each one. Some of the seniors in the group explained that the program helped them lose weight and feel better physically and emotionally. The performances that come at the end of their practicing are a great motivator – and the fame that comes from each one doesn't hurt, either.

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