Biker grandpa: 86-year-old travels through 15 countries on motorcycle

Some people live their whole lives without ever travelling outside of their hometowns. Others never leave the country. Recently, one group of family members not only traveled to two continents in one trip, but they did so on their motorcycles. What's more, the family member who organized the journey was 85 years old at the time. The Toronto Star reported on the journey, which is not just a travel story, but also one of family love and triumphing over old age.

"The trip took 5 months to complete."

Embarking on the journey
Recently celebrating his 86th birthday, Metro Kopansky is described by his family as quirky and adventurous. An avid motorcyclist, he had no intention of letting his age hold him back from his passion, and decided to plan a trip in March with his son and grandsons. "I told my wife, 'I'm going to Brazil on my bike.' She said 'You're crazy.' I said, 'I know,'" Kopansky told the source.

Slated to be a 45-day trip from Scarborough to Sao Lourenco, Brazil, it ended up taking Kopansky five months to complete his journey, as he decided not to fly home with the rest of his family. Despite his son's threats to withhold his GPS and other tools necessary for him to ride his motorcycle solo through 15 different countries, Metro hopped on his bike, befriended a fellow traveller and started up his long journey home.

"I never fly back on my trips," Kopansky told the source. "When I start an adventure, it's a challenge for me."

The men rode through 15 different countries and two continents.
The men rode through 15 different countries and two continents.

What they learned
Aside from experiencing the different countries and continents they passed through firsthand, the three generations of men learned a great deal about each other along the way. Throughout the trip, there was a lost passport, a bout of pneumonia and a minor accident on a highway in Mexico. Each of these challenges brought Kopansky and his family – son Mike and two grandsons Mitchell and Matthew – closer together.

"We have such a big family. As much time as you spend with your grandparents, you don't really get that alone time," Matthew told the source. "It was great to talk to him, get to know him, hear all his stories."

The family members became celebrities when they created a Facebook group titled "2 Continents 3 Generations," which now has more than 650 likes and keeps fans posted on their current statuses.
Between sharing stories, helping one another along the way and documenting their journey, the men formed a strong bond and shared an unforgettable experience. What started as a "crazy" idea quickly became one of the best decisions they'd ever made.