Canadian provinces celebrate Seniors’ Month

June's blooming flowers and warm weather provide the perfect backdrop for honouring our older loved ones. This month, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nunavut are all celebrating Seniors' Month with various activities and initiatives meant to highlight the extraordinary civic contributions of today's older adults. Last week, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories also held an entire week devoted to seniors.

"The theme this year is 'Vibrant Seniors, Vibrant Communities.'"

Honouring loved ones
In the provinces and territories recognizing Seniors' Month and Seniors' Week in June, there's a lot being done to celebrate. Some organizations are providing complimentary hot meals to older individuals who would appreciate some extra help with food preparation, while others are offering exercise classes geared toward seniors who are interested in keeping physically active. In Ontario specifically, the theme for this year's celebration is "Vibrant Seniors, Vibrant Communities," so the province will be holding a series of events where seniors can engage in activities that capture their vibrant spirits.

An initiative of this size wouldn't be complete without a strong social media presence. Twitter is playing a large role in the sharing of unique campaigns and interesting ways for seniors to get involved. In Ontario, their @OntSeniors Twitter account will be posting one photo per business day, depicting seniors doing something active or fun. Everyone is invited to get involved in the social media campaign and post their own photos by tweeting @OntSeniors and using the hashtag #vibrantseniors. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the province has also created a social media campaign in honour of Seniors' Month called Ageless, meant to promote positive images of aging.

Over in the Northwest Territories, the NWT Seniors' Society will continue their week-long celebration with community barbecues, summer picnics and swimming events that bring together people of all ages to honour seniors. Everyone is invited to follow @NWTSeniors on Twitter for a schedule of activities and events.

Celebrate Seniors Month or Week outdoors.
Celebrate Seniors Month or Week outdoors.

'Vibrant Seniors, Vibrant Communities'
Chartwell retirement and long term care residences are home to many remarkable seniors who exemplify the theme of Seniors' Month. At Chartwell Castel Royal, there's 95-year-old Abe Pervin, the record holder for the world's oldest boxing coach, who still frequents the gym to give advice to budding boxing stars, while at Chartwell Jardins de la Gare, there's Daniel Vandal, who recently went sky diving after being told by a doctor that he would never be able to leave his wheelchair again. Today, Vandal continues to inspire those around him, frequently participating in a variety of activities, including AquaFit classes, walking clubs and charitable giving opportunities. And don't forget 79-year-old Chartwell Cedarbrooke resident Joan Ukrainetz, who recently returned from an African safari trip she embarked on with a close girlfriend and shares that she awoke one morning to find a rhinoceros on her balcony!

There are many people to celebrate this month – make sure you're a part of the festivities!