86-year-old social media star explains the appeal of technology

More and more seniors are embracing technology every day. Learning the ins-and-outs of the Internet can not only help to improve one's cognitive function, but also keep them connected with friends and family throughout their retirement years. According to Senior Planet, it has even brought senior Baddie Winkle fame and attention. At 86 years old, she has been dubbed one of the oldest Instagram sensations on the popular social network.

"Winkle has 95,000 followers on Instagram."

An account to remember
When Winkle's granddaughter insisted that she create an account on the popular picture-sharing site Instagram, neither Winkle nor her granddaughter were prepared for what would ensue. By posting photos that challenge typical stereotypes on aging and including a tagline in her profile that reads, "Stealing your man since 1928," Winkle caught the attention of many viewers who turned to followers – 95,000 of them, to be exact. As her Internet stardom grew, she became a bit of a celebrity and attracted the eye of many designers, including LA-based street fashion line DimePiece. The brand made her the cover girl for one of its campaigns, further increasing her popularity.

"We didn't know it was going to go like it did – so fast. I mean, it's really hard to believe," she told the source.

Technology has lasting benefits.
Technology has lasting benefits.

Seniors getting social
Winkle admitted to Senior Planet that she doesn't post photos very often, but when she does, "[they] blow up!" Though she has an exceptionally large following on social media, that's not the only way seniors can benefit from going online. Users don't need thousands of fans and followers to reap the benefits of social media. In fact, some of the greatest advantages of the Internet have nothing to do with strangers. Creating profiles on social media sites can help older adults feel more involved in their family's and friends' lives, no matter how far apart or busy their schedules are.

"I go to water aerobics about three days a week. I walk. I play cards. I see my friends. At least once a week, sometimes twice, I go out to dinner," Winkle told the source. "I keep very busy."

Throughout her packed schedule, Winkle manages to capture some of her most interesting moments on camera, and that's how she's been able to break into the world of social media and serve as an inspiration for people who are young at heart.