78-year-old YouTube star explains the benefits of the Web

Although movies and TV shows often showcase some of society's best-known celebrities, the growth of social media has also created a popular method for discovering stardom: YouTube. That's where Judy Graham, a senior who regularly knits during her retirement years, made her claim to fame, reported Senior Planet. Each week, she uploads a new instructional video teaching viewers how to create fascinating knitting patterns.

Knitting is one senior's claim to fame.
Knitting is one senior's claim to fame.

At the age of 78, Graham stands out from other YouTube stars, but not just because of her age. Throughout her life, she's made a name for herself by knitting unique articles of clothing for fancy Manhattan boutiques, and even some notable Hollywood celebrities. Fast forward several decades, and she is now making a major impact in the online community with her step-by-step instructional videos. She has 34,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Despite the Internet's endless capabilities and helpful resources for learning the ins-and-outs of the digital world, some individuals are still hesitant about adopting new technology – and that's a notion that Graham wants to change.

"These days, saying 'I don't need a computer' is like being a woman who says, 'I don't need to learn how to drive, or do taxes,'" she told the source. "That's not acceptable anymore, but somehow refusing to use technology is."

She added that sharing your interests with the world is much easier than people might think.

"If you're doing something interesting that not everyone else is doing, you can find an audience," she told Senior Planet. "I just watched a video of a woman doing a tango on her 92nd birthday with her 28-year-old grandson. There's a 90-something yoga teacher. There's a woman who eats raw foods who's close to 80 but looks 60."

Seniors don't need to find YouTube stardom to benefit from technology; rather, they can start by simply learning how to use their mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are convenient to have on hand, and provide older adults with an easy way of keeping in touch with loved ones, and staying in the know. Many retirement and assisted living communities provide residents who are interested in learning how to use a computer, tablet or smart phone with helpful classes. Download a sample activity calendar to explore what programs and activities are offered at Chartwell retirement residences.