Make Us Part Of Your Story: Claire’s Story

Claire, General Manager, Working at Chartwell since 2005

Claire’s life has been enriched by the relationships she’s cultivated with residents since she began her career as General Manager of Chartwell Faubourg Giffard Retirement Residence almost 10 years ago. Following in the footsteps of many other members of her family, she started out as a teacher; then—well aware of Claire’s sensitivity and her respect for seniors—one of her friends suggested that she apply for a job in the retirement living industry, which she happily did.

As a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, Claire has developed a passion for her residents and is proud to support a staff team fully dedicated to enriching the daily lives of seniors. Guided by her life experience, Claire holds wonderful memories of her childhood, enjoying close relationships with both of her grandmothers. In fact, it was her maternal grandmother who once wisely said: “It took a lifetime for me to learn how to live well.”

The diversity and human contact that Claire experiences on a daily basis at Chartwell Faubourg Giffard is a source of inspiration that presents both considerable challenges as well as wonderful moments. Little by little, she is learning the personal and unique stories of all of her residents. “Our residence is like a microcosm of society. We’re surrounded by all types of people. We have to get close to the residents in order to better serve and take care of them,” she explains.

Claire considers it a privilege to share a home with residents every day: “It’s like being part of the family, because we’re so closely connected. These are the types of relationships that help you grow,” she adds. Claire explains that working with seniors has helped her to develop a newfound appreciation for her own family and the small things in life, allowing her to continue to enjoy the changes that are taking place as she grows older.

Claire admits that the best part of her day is when residents tell her as she’s leaving that the kindness of staff and variety of activities offered at the residence made their day. “I love my job,” she says proudly.