Customer Service Spotlight: Christine Gallant, Nurse

Christine Gallant, Nurse

Working at Chartwell since 1990

Chartwell Villa de l’Estrie – Sherbrooke, Quebec

 “I think it’s essential to provide excellent service. After all, the residents have chosen and placed their trust in us.”

I’ve been working at the residence for more than 25 years and it has become my second family. My daily work involves providing residents with the best possible care, and ensuring their safety and well-being so that family and friends can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a dedicated team is taking care of their loved ones. Every day, in addition to my daily routine, I take the time to sit down with the residents and make sure that they are completely satisfied. It’s important, because that relationship of trust allows me to better understand them and adapt my approach.

I think it’s essential to provide excellent service. After all, the residents have chosen and placed their trust in us. We have to show that we’re worthy and be sure to exceed their expectations. In addition to performing my daily tasks and ensuring our residents’ well-being, I’ve also helped out with feeding our resident’s pets while they’ve been hospitalized or unable. It’s those little acts of kindness that show just how much we respect and care for our residents.

During my 25 years at the residence, I have really changed and have always tried to adapt and improve. I really think that in order to evolve in your work, you have to know how to listen and accept all types of feedback. I learned how to use my strengths and improve my skills and my co-workers often tell me that I’m a positive leader for the healthcare team, but it’s also important for me to have a strong role model. In that regard, I can always count on my General Manager for support and guidance. His door is always open and I know that he’s listening, which helps me provide my residents with the best possible service. I take an honest, open and professional approach to my work, but what I like most about my job is the human aspect, knowing that my dedication really makes a difference.

Unlike certain other working environments, at the residence, I can devote quality time to my residents and get to know them. It’s very gratifying to work with seniors. I feel useful and appreciated and I enjoy serving and caring for the residents. They are a wonderful resource for our society and my work gives me a strong sense of belonging to a community. We currently have an 85-year-old resident whose mother was also a resident here 20 years ago. I got to know her when I first started working here. That means that I’m onto the second generation. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to meet the third generation!