Understanding the unique benefits of memory care

Senior care is constantly evolving, and today older adults have many different options available to them. Whether they need assistance with daily living activities or only require help with household chores, seniors can find the level of care that fits their needs. Memory care is also offered and includes dedicated features and programs for seniors managing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the benefits?
While traditional senior care and assisted living offer benefits to seniors, those living with dementia might need a different level of help, and that’s where memory care comes in. Not all communities are exactly the same, but typically they feature a lower patient-to-staff ratio which allows more attention devoted to each resident. Additionally, there are services such as sensory-based programming, a safe environment and a setting that can accommodate residents at various stages of the disease.

Making the decision
Deciding whether a loved one should move to a memory care residence is certainly a difficult choice, but it’s important to recognize when it is the option that makes the most sense. There are some tell-tale signs that an elderly relative would benefit from memory care. One of the biggest indicators is if a senior displays decreased attention to personal care, such as hygiene and upkeep around their home. Additionally, seniors who are exhibiting symptoms of depression or diminished communication skills and have been diagnosed with dementia could also benefit significantly from memory care.

Making the move
Once a senior and his or her family caregivers have come to the decision to move to memory care, that’s just the first step. There are a few actions to take to make the moving process go as smoothly as possible. The most important thing for them to remember is to take things slowly. More specifically, they should not move everything all at once – maybe start spending short visit there to begin with – in order to make the transition as seamless as possible.