Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Chartwell’s Corporate Social Responsibility program benchmarks commitments and progress in five key areas: Resident Experience, Employee Engagement, Corporate Governance, Community Investment, and Environmental Stewardship.
Resident Experience

Resident Experience

Chartwell’s greatest responsibility is the care and service it provides to our residents. With the support of trained and dedicated staff in our retirement homes and long term care homes, Chartwell strive to offer seniors a safe and rewarding way of life that provides them a socially engaging and supportive environment. Chartwell recognizes the individuality of its clientele and works to ensure that its programs are flexible, adaptive and tailored to specific needs.

  • In 2017, Chartwell implemented several initiatives to drive customer satisfaction in our residences. Project ‘Welcome to Chartwell’ had a very positive impact on how Chartwell supports its new residents in their first 90 days at Chartwell. In 2018, our customer satisfaction scores increased to 58% “Very Satisfied” from 53% in 2017 (note: this percentage does not include residents who were merely “satisfied’).
  • Offered in all our homes across Canada, Chartwell’s Life Enrichment program LiveNow is designed to engage the mind, body and spirit of all Chartwell residents and is part of our continued emphasis on improving the resident experience. The program focuses on building connections and engaging people in meaningful experiences.
  • Through our Moments That Matter program, Chartwell residents are encouraged to share a special moment they have been dreaming about with staff who try to make it happen. Feedback shows that fulfilling these small, but important, moments has a positive impact on a senior’s life and wellbeing.
  • Chartwell’s Memory Living Program establishes a culture that focuses on the social impact of dementia and is designed to respond to the unique needs of its residents. Chartwell has seven Memory Living neighbourhoods across Canada serving more than 250 Chartwell residents who are living with dementia.
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Charwtell believes that its employees make a difference in the lives of its residents every day. Chartwell values the dedication, commitment and professionalism of our over 15,000 employees across Canada, and is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees in the seniors housing sector by providing a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.

  • In 2018, Charwtell employee engagement score increased to 47% “Strongly Agree” from 41% in 2017 (note, this percentage does not include merely “engaged” employees).
  • Chartwell continues to focus on talent management and a succession planning framework to build leadership capacity and strengthen retention.
  • Chartwell has launched the national manager’s award program to recognize outstanding leadership among our residence management teams.
  • Chartwell continues to place emphasis on the onboarding of new employees and ongoing training for all staff.
  • Chartwell’s new corporate office is being built with employee health and wellbeing as a primary consideration. Features of the new building will include:
    1. an underfloor heating and cooling system which provides fresher air and localized heating and cooling;
    2. the installation of specialized glass which tints in the sunlight, reducing glare, eliminating the need for blinds, increasing the exposure of our employees to natural sunlight, and greatly reducing heat-transfer;
    3. wellness areas for employees; and
    4. ergonomic solutions for all employees, including sit-stand desks and more opportunities to move throughout the day.
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Chartwell is committed to sound corporate governance practices that include accountability, transparency and integrity in all facets of our operations. These practices are overseen by the Board and senior executive team, who strive to adhere to the highest levels of ethics and oversight.

  • Chartwell been recognized in the Globe and Mail's Board Games publication, which rates corporate boards based on governance criteria, as having one of the highest ranked corporate boards in Canada and as the best governed real estate company in Canada.
  • Chartwell has maintained a strong record of recruiting and retaining the best talent, including women in leadership positions, with women occupying 40% of the executive officer roles at Chartwell and with three of our eight board members being women.
  • 53 % of our Vice-Presidents and Senior Vice-Presidents are women.
  • Chartwell has established a target of maintaining at least 1/3 of our Board members as women.
  • Charwtell has a robust board diversity and renewal policy and has ensured significant and continuous renewal on our Board.
Community Investment

Community Investment

Chartwell believes in building and sustaining strong community relationships. Chartwell is proud of its charitable giving partnerships and community initiatives, which are directed toward projects that support seniors in meaningful ways including lifestyle, health, safety and shelter.

  • Chartwell launched its charitable partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada at the end of 2015. Since that time, Chartwell has donated more than $500,000 ($200,000 in 2018 alone) to Wish of a Lifetime Canada and through our partnership over 90 wishes have been granted to deserving Canadian seniors, including Chartwell and non-Chartwell residents. It has been documented that wish fulfillment can have tremendous positive outcomes on a senior’s health, purpose and sense of value after having a wish granted.
  • Chartwell has recently participated and contributed to a study published in the Seniors Housing & Care Journal relating to customer service and meeting resident needs and demands in retirement residences.
  • Chartwell is an industry partner for York University’s Canadian Innovation Hub for Biological and Computational Vision project supporting vision and visualization research.
  • Chartwell has partnered with Kidney Care Foundation to donate its older vehicles to help in the advancement of kidney health and the reduction and elimination of the burden of kidney diseases. To date, Chartwell has donated 30 vehicles.
  • Chartwell has partnered with Diabetes Canada to promote Clothesline, a dedicated Chartwell 1-800 # phone line for people and seniors who are downsizing to schedule a free pickup and the donation of unwanted clothing and small household items.
  • Chartwell is an industry partner of Age-Well, an organization dedicated to the creation of technologies and services that benefit older adults and caregivers.
Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Chartwell uses management opportunities, where possible, that will help ensure our operations and services are provided in a sustainable manner. Chartwell will continue to explore ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

  • Chartwell is building a new corporate office to high sustainability and low energy consumption standards, and will include many ‘green’ features in the new development, including locally sourced materials and products, high efficiency heating and cooling systems and reduced usage of building materials particularly concrete through innovative engineering solutions. These solutions include:
    1. the installation of View Dynamic glass, which tints in the sunlight, reducing glare, eliminating the need for blinds, increasing the exposure of our employees to natural sunlight, and greatly reducing heat-transfer;
    2. the use of bubble desk technology on certain areas of the building, reducing the amount of concrete transported and used in construction by 60 truckloads;
    3. installing charging stations for vehicles and covered parking for bicycles; and
    4. using an under-floor heating and cooling system to reduce energy usage and provide fresher air to employees.
  • Chartwell has transitioned from paper to electronic board and management presentations and reports, reducing our paper consumption by an estimated one million sheets per year.
  • Chartwell builds its new retirement and long term care residences with energy efficient systems and equipment such as LED lighting, high efficiency boilers and energy smart appliances, among other innovative features.
  • Existing buildings are retrofitted with energy efficient systems, equipment and materials such as, but not limited to, LED lighting, high efficiency boilers and Low-E windows.
  • Chartwell intends to continue to identify areas where staff can support everyday actions to reduce energy use.
  • Chartwell intends to continue to update energy-efficient infrastructure systems in new developments and capital renovation projects.
  • Chartwell has developed and is implementing a sustainable waste management program to improve service, streamline operations, and enhance diversion opportunities.
Management and Employees

Management and Employees

Delivering on our promise of a great customer experience in our residences is only possible through our team of employees; the people who interact with our residents on a daily basis.

  • A typical 100-suite ISL or LTC Residence has the following management team: general manager/administrator, director of care/health and wellness manager, lifestyle and program manager, office/business manager, food services manager and maintenance manager. In addition, ISL Residences each employ a retirement living consultant. An ISL Residence typically has approximately 40 additional frontline staff (including: full and part-time nurses, cooks, dietary aides, activities staff and housekeepers). A typical 100-bed LTC Residence would have approximately 120 full and part-time frontline staff including nurses. Staffing in a Memory Care or AL wing or floor will be higher than in a typical ISL Residence.
  • The management team at each of Chartwell‘s residences is responsible for day-to-day operations, sales and marketing, overseeing inspections, monitoring staffing, implementing policies and reporting on the residence‘s performance. The staff in each residence are employed by that particular residence, although they are subject to Chartwell‘s policies and procedures. Chartwell, through the Operator and its subsidiaries, directly and indirectly employs approximately 14,600 people, of which approximately 80% are represented by labour unions. Generally, the collective bargaining unit representing employees in any one residence does not currently represent employees in any other residence. There are many different unions representing different residences that Chartwell owns or manages. Chartwell‘s residences, with unionized employees, have generally enjoyed good relationships with the applicable unions, and Chartwell expects to continue these positive relationships. The residences that Chartwell operates are generally subject to legislation that prohibits both strikes and lock-outs, and requires compulsory arbitration to settle labour disputes. In jurisdictions where strikes and lockouts may be permitted, specific essential services regulations apply which ensure the continuation of resident care and most services.