2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Highlights

“Making People's Lives BETTER is more than a phrase at Chartwell, it is a promise that we consider to be our highest priority.” Brent Binions, President and CEO
Resident Experience

Resident Experience

Our greatest responsibility is the care and service we provide to our residents and we strive to earn and keep their trust every day. With the support of trained and dedicated staff in our retirement homes and long term care homes, we offer seniors a safe and rewarding way of life that provides them a socially engaging and supportive environment. Chartwell recognizes the individuality of our clientele and works to ensure that our programs are flexible, adaptive and tailored to specific needs.

  • Offered in all our homes across Canada, our Life Enrichment program LiveNow is designed to engage the mind, body and spirit of all Chartwell residents and is part of our continued emphasis on improving the resident experience. The program focuses on building connections and engaging people in meaningful experiences.
  • Through our Moments That Matter program, Chartwell residents are encouraged to share a special moment they’ve been dreaming about with staff who do everything possible to make it happen. Feedback shows that fulfilling these small, but important, moments has a positive impact on a senior’s life and wellbeing.
  • Chartwell Le Teasdale was awarded the Jury Mention in the Communications and Marketing category from the Urban Development Institute (UBI) Inova Award. The event recognizes the best real estate projects in Quebec and covers all categories from commercial to multi-residential and public buildings.
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We believe that our employees make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. We value the dedication, commitment and professionalism of our over 13,500 employees across Canada, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees in the seniors housing sector by providing a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.

  • We continue to focus on talent management and a succession planning framework to build leadership capacity and strengthen retention.
  • We have launched the national Manager’s Award program to recognize outstanding leadership among our residence management team.
  • We continue to place emphasis on the onboarding of new employees and ongoing training for all staff.
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We are committed to sound corporate governance practices that include accountability, transparency and integrity in all facets of our operations. These practices are overseen by our Board of Directors and Senior Executive team, who strive to adhere to the highest levels of ethics and oversight.

  • We have been recognized in the Globe and Mail's Board Games publication as one of the best governed public issuers in Canada.
  • We have maintained a strong record of recruiting and retaining the best talent, including women in leadership positions, with women occupying 61% of the executive leadership roles at Chartwell. See article Top Canadian firms on women's leadership.
Community Investment

Community Investment

We believe in building and sustaining strong community relationships. We are proud of our charitable giving partnerships and community initiatives, which are directed toward projects that support seniors in meaningful ways including lifestyle, health, safety and shelter.

  • Chartwell launched its charitable partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada at the end of 2015. Since that time, Chartwell has donated over $300,000 to Wish of a Lifetime Canada and through our partnership over 40 wishes have been granted to deserving Canadian seniors, including Chartwell and non-Chartwell residents. It has been documented that wish fulfillment can have tremendous positive outcomes on a senior’s health, purpose and sense of value after having a wish granted.
  • We are an industry partner of the AGE-WELL NCE initiative, a collaborative robotics innovation project exploring technology to promote healthy aging and independence. Chartwell is partnering with AGE-WELL for two research projects exploring the impact of socially-assistive robots on mobility and activities of daily living.
  • We are an industry partner for York University’s Canadian Innovation Hub for Biological and Computational Vision (HBCV) project supporting vision and visualization research.
  • We have partnered with Kidney Car Foundation to donate our older vehicles to help in the advancement of kidney health and the reduction and elimination of the burden of kidney diseases.
  • Chartwell partnered with Diabetes Canada to promote Clothesline, a dedicated Chartwell 1-800 # phone line for people and seniors who are downsizing to schedule a free pickup and the donation of unwanted clothing and small household items.
Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

We use management opportunities, where possible, that will help ensure our operations and services are provided in a sustainable manner. We will continue to explore ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

  • We continue to identify areas where our staff can support everyday actions to reduce our energy use.
  • We continue to update energy-efficient infrastructure systems in new developments and capital renovation projects.
  • We are reducing our energy usage by retrofitting existing lighting systems with efficient LED lighting programs.
  • We are incorporating energy smart appliances, fixtures, and equipment throughout our residences to further reduce energy usage.
  • We are incorporating energy smart appliances, fixtures, and equipment where throughout our residences to further reduce energy usage.
  • We have developed and are implementing a sustainable waste management program, to improve service, streamline operations, and enhance diversion opportunities.
Chartwell Facts & Figures

Chartwell Facts & Figures

Fast Facts about Chartwell: (Source: Rendezvous Welcome magazine)

  • 4 key provinces (BC, AB, ON & QC)
  • 3 corporate offices
  • Over 185 retirement and long term care homes
  • Over 25,000 suites
  • Over 13,500 employees