A Dog’s Life: Adapting to Canine Retirement at Chartwell Leamington

Meet Midget Tuffin, a nine-year-old pup who moved into Chartwell Leamington Retirement Residence with her human companions, Ken and Elise, back in 2015.

Though Midget is small in size, she more than makes up for it with her winning personality, which helped her make fast friends with fellow residents upon moving in. She’s quite proud that everyone knows her by name and gives her a pat or a wave as she walks by. However, two years on, she’s still surprised that she’s the only canine resident on the premises, with all of her animal neighbours being cats.

Midget1Midget’s owners were impressed by how quickly she adapted to life in a retirement residence. Her favourite activities include napping on laps in the home’s various common areas, going for strolls with Ken in their local neighbourhood, and relaxing and enjoying the entertainment at Happy Hour. In truth, Midget can’t get enough of the live music at Chartwell Leamington.

Residents Ken and Elise adore Midget and consider her a part of their family. When they heard she could join them at Chartwell Leamington, they knew they’d found the right retirement community for their needs and lifestyle. They explain that Midget not only makes a great (and cute!) companion, but that she gives them a sense of purpose and keeps them active.

In Chartwell Leamington Sales Consultant Ashley’s own words, “Whoever said three’s a crowd has obviously never had a sidekick as sweet as Midget!”

To learn more about life at Chartwell Leamington, visit their webpage or give them a call at 519-973-6316.