Seniors redefine retirement with creativity

Tending to all of life's responsibilities can make it difficult to find time to do the things you love. From working full-time to managing an entire household, people may not have time to focus on pursuing hobbies or passions. Retirement has been considered a new chapter that can be devoted to enjoying your old passions and discovering new ones. However, the concept of retirement has gone through some changes, and while it remains a time for seniors to explore other interests, there's a little more to it now.

"More seniors are working through retirement."

How retirement has changed
65 has become the magic number for retirement. However, The Globe and Mail noted that the number of professionals who expect to work full time past the age of 65 has now surpassed those who anticipate being fully retired at that age. The Montreal Gazette also explained that it's becoming increasingly more common for seniors to find jobs during retirement. In the past, there have been seniors who've made major careers moves, but that wasn't the norm. Nowadays, late career moves are much more common in older adults.

"Retirement is not resignation, it's regeneration," researcher Dorothea Bye told the source.

One reason for this shift towards working throughout retirement could be that people are simply living longer. As a result, seniors need to save a considerable amount of money to retire comfortably – or find a new source of income. However, just because more seniors are now working during retirement years doesn't mean that they're staying in the same line of work they've pursued their entire lives. If a senior retires at the age of 65, he or she should be planning for 30 more years. In that amount of time, an entirely new set of skills can be developed and applied in a work setting.

"[Retirement is] more like a long, meandering journey than an endless vacation; a lot happens in 30 years sociologically and personally," Bye told the source.

Career changes aren't just for the young.
Career changes aren't just for the young.

The key to a happy retirement
Despite how it's changed, retirement is still an exciting time that seniors should enjoy to its fullest. In fact, the source explained that it's never been easier to enjoy retirement, thanks to all of the resources and entertainment that's currently available. What makes a person's retirement happy and successful is creativity.

"To be creative in this way is to be adaptive, and out of this comes greater positive feeling and greater happiness," Bye added.