Make Us Part of Your Story: Stacey’s Story

Stacey, General Manager & Administrator, at Chartwell since 2013

With a background in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, Stacey started out her career at Leamington Hospital as a Rehab Assistant—a position she proudly held for almost ten years. While working full time at the hospital, she decided to continue her education and concurrently pursue studies in gerontology. For Stacey, gerontology seemed like the perfect fit, as she enjoyed caring for and interacting with senior patients, and had always harboured a sense of admiration for the elderly that largely stemmed from the love of her own grandmother. “I knew early on in life that I wanted to care for seniors. With them, I feel a sense of comfort that’s hard to put into words.”

Following the completion of her degree, Stacey began working for a company called Centric Health. Once a competitive dancer, it was fitting that with the company she helped to develop a music and movement exercise program tailored to seniors of all abilities called Rhythm n’ Moves. As fate would have it, Chartwell would eventually adopt the program and implement it in all of its homes across Canada, with Lifestyle and Program Managers using the very training video Stacey appeared in to master their routines. Through her interaction with Chartwell, Stacey became even more entrenched in the senior living industry, and eventually became the General Manager and Administrator at Chartwell Leamington Retirement Residence. Since joining the company, she has had many fellow managers approach her at Chartwell conferences and exclaim, “You’re the Rhythm n’ Moves lady!”

A caring and social person by nature, Stacey practices an open-door policy with staff and is always available to residents and their families. When a new resident arrives, she does everything she can to make them feel at home—from answering questions, to introducing them to other residents, to taking the time to learn their story. “It’s rewarding to have a job that’s centred on giving back to your community,” she says. “I really do feel like I’m helping to make the lives of my residents better.” Stacey isn’t just making the lives of her residents better, however: she and her team are so soft-hearted that they even adopted a kitten they found on the property grounds in the winter! Syd is now the home’s official pet, and often sleeps at the foot of residents’ beds or slyly darts between their walkers.

Getting the opportunity to combine her love of seniors and dance in her career thus far has been a real thrill for Stacey. Though she is now focused on the well-being of her residents and staff team, she still dances in her free time, dabbling in her favourites—ballet and jazz—and can often be seen toe-tapping in a Rhythm n’ Moves class at her residence.