Chartwell Le Wellesley opens British pub

Chartwell Retirement Residences is constantly searching for ways to make life better for residents and their family members. Each home has the ability to spearhead its own initiatives aimed at better serving the seniors who live within its walls. Residences hope to not only meet the individual needs of their residents, but also to create unique experiences that cater to the culture and traditions of their surrounding communities.

Today, Chartwell Le Wellesley will open its very own British pub, offering seniors and community members the opportunity to taste traditional English cuisine and celebrate with their friends in a cozy atmosphere.

Chartwell Le Wellesley opens its very own British-inspired pub
The newly opened British pub – the name of which will be revealed at the event tonight – is located on the main floor of Chartwell Le Wellesley. Residents were asked to help name the new venture, submitting their selections to Chartwell staff throughout the month of August. For the grand opening, residents, staff and community members will enjoy a variety of traditional pub fare, including food and drink options to celebrate the British culture. Additionally, those in attendance will be treated to a live performance from The Absolutes.

Appreciating British culture and cuisine 
Food has been an integral part of British culture for hundreds of years. British people have always prepared their cuisine with care and delicacy, as certain customs have stood the test of time and proven to be illustrative of the English tradition as a whole. While individual regions and families have put their own spin on some of these dishes, there are a few staple meals that have always had a place in English custom.

One of the most recognizable dishes in British pubs is fish and chips, a simple yet delicious favourite that has played an important role in food culture since the 1800s. Generally, the meal consists of fried fish and thick-cut chips. Depending on the region, the dish may be served with lemon, mashed peas or curry. Additionally, the type of fish may vary; generally, cod is used, but some Irish restaurants may serve haddock instead. The only variation in chips you may come across are their size, as most establishments serve thick potato slices to accompany the fried fish.