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A Shared Commitment

Our CSR has been established through an oversight committee that will continue to monitor progress toward reaching established goals and consider new objectives for future years through our annual strategic planning process.

Resident Experience

Our greatest responsibility is the care and service we provide to our residents, and we strive to earn and keep their trust every day. Through our Long Term Care and retirement homes, we offer seniors a safe and rewarding way of life that meets their needs and allows them to live with comfort and dignity.

Resident Experience
2014 Objectives

Deliver quality care and services to our residents through:

  • Expanding the shared transportation program
  • Enhancing the availability of ancillary services
  • Continuing to invest in dining experience enhancements

Continue to develop and enhance Chartwell’s signature Live NowTM life enrichment programming through expanded offerings and innovative experiences.

Offer more services and dedicated care programs to support the changing care needs of our residents both today and in the future.

Improve access to trained Chartwell Sales Consultants through a centralized and bilingual Contact Centre offering access by phone or by email through our website.

2014 Results

Availability of accessible vehicles is valued by our residents. In 2014, we grew our investment in our shared-transportation programs in Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec, improving service to an additional 15 residences.

Ease of access to co-ordinated ancillary services helps residents secure and sustain much-needed services. We continue to develop and expand co-ordinated programs for the delivery of pharmacy, supplies, oxygen and dentistry programs, to name a few, within residences.

Dining enhancements continue with investments in kitchen equipment, dining room dinnerware and staff training.

An active and social environment is one of the daily experiences our residents treasure most. With the launch of the Java Music Club in 2014, we are nearing the full roll-out of Chartwell’s Live Now life enrichment program.

We continue enhanced training for the delivery of care services to meet the needs of residents in alignment with their care plans. We have also launched a partnership for the delivery of foot care and physiotherapy in selected homes.

Chartwell is the only operator in Canada offering a dedicated Contact Centre for seniors and their families looking for information on retirement living. Staffed by bilingual Chartwell employees, the service is accessible by phone and email and supports referrals directly to our residences.

2015 Objectives

In order to continue to meet the changing needs and expectations of our residents, we will continue to invest in:

  • Improved dining services
  • Enhanced life enrichment programs
  • In-residence technology systems

To meet our goal of Very Satisfied residents, we will continue to develop a customer-centric focus in our organization that combines efficiency, safety, respect and everyday moments of “Wow” for our residents and their families.

We will continue to seek out innovation in the delivery of our services to ensure we are following best-in-class practices and models for efficiency in the operations of our residences.

We will continue to seek the input and feedback of our customers and their family members through an enhanced Customer Satisfaction Survey, with the goal of the best service possible to our residents.

Employee Engagement

We believe that our employees make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. We value the dedication, commitment and professionalism of our over 13,500 employees across Canada, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees in the seniors housing sector by providing a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.

Employee Engagement
2014 Objectives

Enhance our Learning and Development strategy to deliver training both corporately and to staff in our homes consistent with our commitment to lifelong learning.

Improve Talent Management and Succession Planning initiatives to ensure we attract, develop and retain quality leadership candidates throughout all levels of the organization.

Support training to meet or exceed regulatory requirements across Canada.

Enrich the hiring and interview capabilities of our management teams.

Promote Health & Safety initiatives to employees, including participation in Safety Groups.

Continue to communicate the importance of Chartwell’s Culture of Accountability for results to our employees.

2014 Results

Successfully planned and delivered two national conferences, one for General Managers, Administrators and corporate leaders, and the other for our managers in Chartwell residences. Rolled out enhancements to the on-boarding program, increasing learning paths for key roles.

Focus on Talent Management and Succession Planning continues for senior-level positions and high-risk/high-opportunity roles to ensure Chartwell has a pipeline of leaders to drive both short and long-term performance.

A dedicated Bill 16 Co-ordinator was hired to lead Province of Quebec mandated training. Regulatory training requirements for all provinces were met and tracked.

Workshops and support tools were developed to ensure consistent hiring and interview processes.

Education of standards, compliance requirements and best practices was delivered at 2014 regional meeting. Rebate was received from WSIB based on an audit of our progress and compliance with Safety Group initiatives.

Education and training sessions were created for continued awareness and understanding by employees at our leadership and management levels.

2015 Objectives

We will build on our Learning and Development strategy to deliver enhanced on-boarding support for new employees.

We will implement an enhanced and sustainable recognition strategy.

We will support mandatory and discretionary compliance with government requirements for training across Canada.

We will launch an enhanced Careers website to help attract employees who want to “Make People’s Lives Better” and deliver outstanding customer service to our residents.

We will continue to promote Health and Safety Awareness to our employees.

We will continue to implement a Culture of Accountability that drives results and allows employees to make decisions to meet and exceed the expectations of our residents.

Corporate Governance

We are committed to sound corporate governance practices that include accountability,transparency and integrity in all facets of our operations. These practices are overseen by our Board of Directors and Senior Executive team, who strive to adhere to the highest levels of ethics and oversight.

Corporate Governance
2014 Objectives

Improve internal risk management programs.

Ensure continuing education is provided in relevant areas on a regular basis and that the Board is provided with continued opportunities to visit Chartwell communities directly.

Ensure compliance with all new and existing provincial legislation and participate in industry sector associations.

Continue to maintain a leadership position for public disclosure and corporate governance standards.

2014 Results

Investments were made in the monitoring and tracking of social media mentions. Created and launched an Online Reputation Management Protocol.

In 2014, continuing education was delivered in the key areas of Commercial Leasing, Talent Management, Sales and Marketing, and the U.S. Seniors Housing sector. Site visits included residences in Calgary and Montreal.

Continued to meet all requirements of provincial legislation in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, supported by education, information and operational compliance. Senior members of the Chartwell management team are elected/appointed members of our provincial association Boards and Committees.

Recognized by The Globe and Mail’s annual Board Games as one of the best governed companies in Canada.

2015 Objectives

We will continue to improve internal risk management programs.

We will ensure our Board is provided with continuing education in relevant areas on a regular basis and that the Board is provided with continued opportunities to visit Chartwell communities.

We will ensure compliance with all new and existing provincial legislation and provide leadership to sector associations.

We will continue to maintain a leadership position for public disclosure and corporate governance standards.

We will continue to benchmark our efforts on Board Renewal and Diversity.

Community Investment

We believe in building and sustaining strong community relationships. We are proud of our charitable giving partnerships and community initiatives, which are directed toward projects that support seniors in meaningful ways including lifestyle, health, safety and shelter. In tribute to the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, in 2010 we published HONOUR, a moving portrait of 35 WWII veterans and those who supported the war effort. Books are available through or at Chartwell homes across Canada.

Community Investment
2014 Objectives

Launch signature Community Giving initiative in 2014 in support of Chartwell’s “Moments that Matter” life enrichment program.

Support community initiatives in our residences across Canada dedicated to giving back to local charities.

Expand resources and tools available through Chartwell’s website and through community knowledge seminars to help seniors and their families explore retirement living options.

2014 Results

Partnership was established with a key strategic partner committed to making the lives of Canadian seniors better. Launch of initiative is pending.

Financial commitments to the provincial Alzheimer Associations of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario represented a total donation of $35,000. Variety of local charities across Canada were supported through local events and community partnerships.

Industry partner of the AGE-WELL NCE initiative, a collaborative robotics innovation project exploring technology to promote healthy aging and independence. Chartwell is partnering with AGE-WELL for two research projects exploring the impact of socially-assistive robots on mobility and activities of daily living.

Chartwell’s 2014 website update added additional resources for understanding retirement living, from an “Is It Time?” Survey to a “Supporting Your Aging Parent” Whitepaper and a Budget Assistant to understand the comparative costs of retirement living.

2015 Objectives

We will launch a signature Community Giving initiative in 2015 in support of Chartwell’s “Moments that Matter” life enrichment program.

We will support community initiatives in our residences across Canada, including donating to local charities and community groups dedicated to the health, housing and active engagement of seniors.

We will continue our support for the AGE-WELL NCE project.

We will extend our support to research and innovation initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life of residents living in seniors’ residences.

Environmental Stewardship

We use management opportunities, where possible, that will help ensure our operations and services are provided in a sustainable manner. We will continue to explore ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

Environmental Stewardship
2014 Objectives

Continue to investigate new “green building” initiatives for all development projects.

Continue Energy Awareness program including participating in Earth Hour and holding Earth Week activities in Chartwell’s corporate offices and residences across Canada.

Continue to update and establish new base specifications for selecting and implementing energy-efficient infrastructure systems in new developments.

Working with the long term care (LTC) sector association in Ontario and government partners in British Columbia, seek opportunities, where appropriate, to redevelop older buildings to enhance efficiency of residences.

Continue Lighting Retrofit initiatives throughout 2014 as well as complete audits of next-phase sites.

2014 Results

This continues for all development projects as well as for all capital renovations.

Launched co-ordinated communication strategies to our residences to share energy-saving tips and suggestions for staff and residents. Prepared material to assist our residences in celebrating Earth Week.

We have identified systems that allow us to exceed minimum building code efficiency standards by 35%.

One Western Canada Long Term Care site was identified for rebuilding in 2014; development is to commence in 2015. Re-evaluated Ontario LTC portfolio to identify suitable projects for redevelopment, which will contribute to enhanced efficiency of operations and resident and employee safety.

In 2014, a number of lighting retrofit projects were completed to move to LED lighting. Evaluation is underway on energy savings and benefits.

2015 Objectives

We will seek to reduce internal printing costs and use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) materials for mass-printing projects.

We will continue to identify areas where our staff can support every-day actions to reduce our energy use. This includes an internal awareness strategy to promote best practices.

We will continue to update energy-efficient infrastructure systems in new developments and capital renovation projects.

We will continue to work with our sector associations and government to find ways to support investment in LTC capital renewal.

Information from 2014 audits will determine next steps on retrofit initiatives.