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Corporate Social Responsibility - 2012 Highlights

A Shared Commitment

The direction for our CSR has been established through an oversight committee that will continue to monitor progress toward reaching established goals and consider new objectives for future years through our strategic planning process.

Employee Engagement

We believe that our employees make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. We value the dedication, commitment and professionalism of our over 13,500 employees across Canada, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees in the seniors housing sector by providing a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.

Employee Engagement
2012 Objectives

  • Respectfully integrate approximately 2,400 new employees through the Maestro portfolio integration
  • Expand GAP program to train nurses to become Resident Services Managers and Directors of Care
  • Develop internal customer service training programs
  • Improve orientation programs for all employees
  • Increase Town Hall meetings with employees
  • Continue to implement safety groups and support employee awareness of occupational health and safety
  • Develop an inclusive communications initiative to recognize the cultural diversity of our employees

2012 Results

  • Successful on-boarding of employees in 42 new homes including Day 1 welcome, Town Halls and special edition newsletter
  • Program updated to GAP+ to recognize the addition of Resident Services Managers and Directors of Care being trained as future Chartwell leaders
  • Customer service sessions included in National Conference
  • Dedicated orientation sessions held for new employees in Montreal and Mississauga in 2012
  • Meetings occurred a minimum of twice a year, often with more frequency, to ensure information sharing with employees in our residences
  • Year one of safety groups considered a success and program expansion to continue in 2013
  • A more inclusive strategy adopted for images used in internal communications and employee campaigns; this is an on-going commitment for Chartwell

2013 Objectives

  • Successfully launch Chartwell's rebranding efforts across all retirement and long term care homes in Canada, and employee commitment to Chartwell's vision of Making People’s Lives Better
  • Deliver enhanced training to Chartwell's front-line staff, middle managers and leaders
  • Develop standardized employee orientation programs
  • Continue to improve internal communications in both languages across all levels of the organization
  • Create a dedicated Health and Safety Week across the organization
  • Expand Inclusivity strategy and awareness

Resident Experience

Our greatest responsibility is the care and service we provide to our residents, and we strive to earn their trust every day. Through our long term care and retirement homes, we offer seniors a safe and rewarding way of life that meets their needs and allows them to live with comfort and dignity.

Resident Experience
2012 Objectives

  • Promote resident-focused innovations in our homes through three key objectives:
    • Standardized student volunteer program
    • Standardized vocational program to allow residents to give back to their communities
    • Standardized physical fitness program
  • Launch new resident contact program
  • Enhance Dining Services program
  • Develop an orientation program for new residents

2012 Results

  • Resident-focused innovations continued to be explored through Chartwell's national operations department. These include:
    • A volunteer program launched jointly by our long term care and retirement departments
    • The launch of Rhythm & Moves, a physical fitness program, in all Chartwell homes
    • The development of HOPE - Helping Others through Purposeful Engagement - a vocational program for residents
  • Pilot launched in 2012, connected senior corporate office staff and new residents
  • Replacement of china, linens and flatware co-ordinated through a rotating upgrade program for all retirement and long term care homes to enhance resident's dining experience. In long term care, homes hosted a province-wide "Dress This Dish" competition to enhance food presentation.
  • New national "Welcome Home" program launched

2013 Objectives

  • Expand current offering of services in residences including:
    • Improved transportation options
    • Communication Mechanisms
    • Life Enrichment programming
  • Senior Executive to visit a minimum of twelve homes a year and attend at least two Town Hall meetings in 2013 to enhance communication with residents and employees
  • Explore food service improvements including:
    • Additional resources to assist Food Service Managers with production and training
    • Introduction of a menu matrix to allow local flexibility
  • Enhance convenience of ancillary service delivery to residents

Environmental Stewardship

We use management opportunities, where possible, that will help ensure our operations and services are provided in a sustainable manner. We will continue to explore ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

Environmental Stewardship
2012 Objectives

  • Conduct environmental assessments on acquisition properties
  • Hire a dedicated resource person to review and implement energy management strategies
  • Explore environmental considerations for new developments and rebuilds
  • Research internal lighting retrofit program

2012 Results

  • Acquisition due diligence completed
  • Project Manager - Energy Initiatives hired and national Energy Management Committee established
  • Achieved LEED Silver on Alymer and Parkhill rebuild phases and LEED Basic on the Pine Grove phased rebuild
  • Evaluations and pilots identified for 2013

2013 Objectives

  • Investigate "green building" initiatives for new and redevelopment projects
  • Roll out a national Energy Management and Sustainability initiative including education and awareness
  • Establish a specification that can be used as a baseline to select and implement sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure systems in new developments.
  • Receive final LEED certification for rebuild.
  • Expand lighting retrofit opportunities.

Corporate Governance

We are committed to sound corporate governance practices that include accountability,transparency and integrity in all facets of our operations. These practices are overseen by our Board of Directors and Senior Executive team, who strive to adhere to the highest levels of ethics and oversight.

Corporate Governance
2012 Objectives

  • Improve internal risk management programs
  • Provide information workshops for Board members
  • Ensure full compliance with all new and existing provincial legislation including the new Ontario Retirement Homes Act and regulations
  • Continue to maintain a leadership position for public disclosure and corporate governance standards

2012 Results

  • Quarterly risk management reports received and reviewed by Board of Directors. National Privacy toolkit launched nationally
  • Sessions in 2012 included Insurance and Global Economy as well as orientation of new Board member. Board members also toured individual residences.
  • Proactive compliance and awareness of new legislation in all of Chartwell's Ontario retirement homes. Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority licences received for all homes.
  • Recognized by The Globe & Mail's governance ranking "Board Games" as a leader among REITs in Canada.
  • Continued to be one of the few REITs and senior's housing companies with a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program, with results published in our Annual Report and on company website.

2013 Objectives

  • Improve internal risk management programs
  • Ensure continuing education of Board is provided in relevant areas on a regular basis and that the Board is provided with continued opportunities to directly visit Chartwell communities
  • Ensure compliance with all new and existing provincial legislation
  • Continue to maintain a leadership position for public disclosure and corporate governance standards

Community Investment

We believe in building and sustaining strong community relationships. We are proud of our charitable giving partnerships and community initiatives, which are directed toward projects that support seniors in meaningful ways including lifestyle, health, safety and shelter. In tribute to the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, in 2010 we published HONOUR, a moving portrait of 35 WWII veterans and those who supported the war effort. Books are available through or at Chartwell homes across Canada.

Community Investment
2012 Objectives

  • Continue corporate giving partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association; expand health information opportunities for employees and residents living with diabetes
  • Strengthen connections with community organizations that support senior's health and wellness
  • Seek new and innovative ways to help build relationships with health care influencers in the communities where Chartwell operates

2012 Results

  • Partnership continued with homes hosting nutritional seminars and fundraising events across the country. Information on avoidance or management of diabetes included in newsletters and fact sheets shared with employees.
  • Individual residences continued to support a variety of local charitable organizations to give back to their communities
  • Chartwell residences continued to build relationships with local health care influencers to help raise awareness of short-term recovery and respite options for seniors

2013 Objectives

  • Explore a signature corporate giving program for Chartwell to enrich the lives of aging Canadians while continuing to support existing charitable partnerships
  • Expand sponsorship opportunities that support senior's health, wellness and socialization
  • As a knowledge leader in seniors’ housing, help aging Canadians and their adult children better understand their options for peace-of-mind decision making, through means including enhanced information and features on our website